10% of every purchase is donated to organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community and/or mental health awareness. 

As of April 2023, with your help we have donated more than $1100 to amazing organizations like these:
The Trevor Project

Gay and Lesbian Youth Services of WNY, Inc.

The Youth Mental Health Project Inc.
Transgender Education Network of Texas
Planned Parenthood

The Human Rights Campaign
The Mental Health Coalition
Point of Pride
As a new cause starting in May 2022, in honor of National Nurses Week, we pledge to donate one handmade knit infant hat to a NICU in need for every product sold by Knit for Tomorrow. Check back soon to see how many hats we have donated!

In addition to our donations in support of social justice, we try our best to protect the environment. Being outside in nature is so healing for our mental health and well being, so we find it incredibly important to keep our world as natural and beautiful as possible. Here is how we are doing our part:

  • All Knit for Tomorrow orders are packaged in home compostable packaging.
  • The packaging is made of all natural material (PLA + PBAT and cornstarch). Corn based plastics consume 65% less energy during production and produce 68% less greenhouse gas emissions. One pack of these shipping mailers eliminates the use of 1/10th of a barrel of oil.
  • Knit for Tomorrow is proud to source high quality 100% wool yarn or 100% Pima cotton yarn from companies that are dedicated to being ethical and sustainable. 
  • Most of these wool yarns are sourced from Peru and Uruguay where mulesing is not practiced and are colored with environmentally safe dyes.
  • These companies also ensure ethical working conditions and fair wages down the supply chain.
  • Some of the products we sell are made with a mix of acrylic and wool yarn, and this yarn comes from a fifth-generation family owned business who’s mission is to help make the world a better place. 
  • They have a campaign called #HATNOTHATE that raises awareness in communities to stand up to bullying.


How are your beanies made? Every single Knit for Tomorrow item is handmade by me in my cozy little house, out in nature, or anywhere else life takes me. I LOVE knitting and put so much love into every piece I create. Any items that I don’t make, I purchase from other makers including my faux leather tags and faux fur poms. I am excited to be able to support other small businesses just like you all support mine!